idVR360 and The Museum Project

Meet Riefa Istamar! As the first photographer to popularize virtual reality 360 degrees photography (VR360) in Indonesia, he is now en route to realize his altruistic venture, The Museum Project.

The 34-year old Indonesian started his interest in photography while working in one of the top Indonesian marketing consulting firms. Back then, his curiosity drove him to browse all he needs to know about photography online, “free learning”, as he said. After mastering all the basics in photography, he began to put interest in wide angle photography and photo-stitching. He cultivated his enthusiasm in VR360 and managed to produce virtual tours for shopping mall, cafes, park, university, and even a cultural center. Riefa eventually quit his job at the consulting firm in 2010 to focus on his photography service business, named idVR360.

Motivated by the lack of promotion and accessible information on Indonesian museums, Riefa introduced The Museum Project in early 2012. The project simply intends to enable the exploration of Indonesian museums by public viewers online using VR360 photography technique. The greater goal is to introduce Indonesia to the world. After successfully creating virtual tour of Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika, Riefa is now engaging other museums to do the same.

Opportunities are just around the corner if we are creative. Make use of our skills for the greater good. Once ideas arise, do not procrastinate. Riefa is a good example of this. It is now your turn to come up with your creative contribution to Indonesia.

You can join the crowd-funding to support Riefa’s Museum Project here.